Fend Off Online Fraud and Secure Your Sensitive Info with Bitdefender Safepay

Digital payments and use of internet banking have risen considerably since the pandemic, as consumers shopped online even more due to restrictions and lockdowns.

While the perks of paying online from smart devices seem to greatly outweigh the disadvantages, the accelerated shift towards a more digital world has inadvertently opened up new attack surfaces and risks for consumers.

It’s no longer a matter of “if,” but of “when,” you’ll become the next target. Choosing a security solution with multiple security layers protects you from new and existing threats, guarding your personally identifiable information and financial data from cyber thieves.

Protecting you from online fraud and identity theft

Privacy and security during an online transaction are not a given. Threat actors constantly adapt to changes, targeting shoppers with schemes that seek to steal the PIN codes and login credentials of users’ financial accounts.

Bitdefender Safepay ensures that all of your online transactions and shopping sprees remain private and secure. Our protected browser is tailored with one thing in mind – security. It creates a sealed environment that blocks access to your desktop and even prevents unauthorized parties from taking snapshots of your screen. It packs a virtual keyboard that inhibits malicious actors from intercepting or reading keystrokes from your regular keyboard, and allows users to automatically connect to Bitdefender VPN when you connect new or unsecure Wi-Fi networks.

The dedicated browser is triggered automatically when Bitdefender detects that you start navigating on banking or e-commerce websites. For user privacy and safety, it keeps all browsing data, such as profile, cookies and storage, in a protected location.

Keeping financial and login credentials safe

For an even more secure browsing experience, we integrated Bitdefender Wallet into our browser, a Password Manager feature that helps you keep track of your login credentials. You can experience a hassle-free browsing session, storing sensitive information such as credit card details and passwords in an encrypted and secure storage space.

The feature is fully compatible with browser extensions for Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome, allowing users to auto-fill credentials into login pages to save time.

All of these benefits and more are available in our ultimate security solution for Windows operating systems.

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