Principal Who Stole Students’ Nudes Fined $3.6 Million

As if serving nine years in federal prison wasn’t enough, an ex high-school principal accused of stealing students’ nude photos was ordered last week to pay $3.6 million for his wrongdoing.

Stephen Goodlett, 40, is serving a nine-year sentence for confiscating students’ phones, downloading nude images, and posting them online.

Six accusers reportedly named the ex-LaRue County High School principal in a civil lawsuit that alleged his actions were “libelous, defamatory, damaged their reputations, and violated their Fourth Amendment rights,” according to

Goodlett pleaded guilty to scouring students’ phones for nudes, saving the images to a thumb drive, and trading them online. He was sentenced in February 2018 to 108 months in federal prison for possession and trafficking of child pornography.

One of the students was 15 when Goodlett stole her private photos. Another victim said she is nervous when meeting new people or applying for a job because she fears they’ve seen her nude images.

The $3.6 million judgement will reportedly be split among the accusers.

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