Breaches: What you should know about them

163.5 million people have been affected by data breaches so far in 2020. Statistics show a 72% increase in accounts compromised due to data breaches. 

1 in 4 people is likely to be a victim of data breaches. Have you ever been exposed? Find out now with Bitdefender’s Digital Identity Protection.

Top 5 major breaches of 2020:

Nintendo Data Breach– Nintendo admitted 300,000 accounts had been compromised. Hackers used the stolen accounts to purchase valuable digital items. 

Easy Jet – The low-cost airline based in the UK reported that cybercriminals stole 9 million data records and information on 2,200 credit cards from their customers.

The Marriot hotel chain suffered a cyberattack that impacted data of more than 5.2 million hotel guests who used the loyalty application of their company. 

Zoom –  More than 500,000 stolen Zoom passwords available for sale in dark web crime markets shook the users of the application. 

Spotify reset the passwords of up to 350,000 accounts that were breached in a credential-stuffing attack.

It’s easier to prevent a data breach than to recover from one. Protect your digital identity before it’s too late! With Bitdefender’s Digital Identity Protection.

Data breach – you’ve heard the name, but what does it mean?

Data breaches happen when companies and other organizations are hacked. If you are a customer of that organization, your details from the database fall into the hands of cybercriminals. 
How can a data breach affect you? 

In a data breach, someone gains access to your personal information. Names, emails, bank details and Social Security numbers – all your personal information – can be exposed to and exploited by criminals. 
How does it happen? 

When hackers get the email/ username and password for one of your accounts, they have an open door to your digital identity. They use these credentials to break into your other accounts and gather as much personal information about you as they can. This strategy works because most people reuse their passwords. 
What do cybercriminals do with your information?

If they get into an account that contains your credit card details, they can use them to buy things with your money, pay for services or apply for loans in your name. Or sell it on underground markets so others can commit fraud. 

They can also start impersonating you by creating new accounts on social media or taking over your existing ones. 

Considering the extent of damage that identity theft can do to your life, the best option is to prevent becoming a victim. Find out how our Digital Identity Protection solution can help you.

With Digital Identity Protection, you can: 

  • Monitor your digital footprint starting with an email address and phone number
  • Find your private information online, in legal and illegal collections of data.
  • Check if your personal information was exposed on the Dark Web.
  • Benefit from ongoing breach monitoring for five email addresses
  • Get instant alerts to new breaches and privacy threats.
  • Detect your Social Media impersonators

Give it a try to stay on top of breaches. Get Digital Identity Protection now

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