How can a Security Solution keep your Devices, Privacy and Personal Data Safe till Christmas and Beyond?

As the world prepares for a one-of-a-kind Christmas celebration, cybercriminals are rolling up their sleeves for one of their busiest and most profitable times of the year. Bad actors know you’re busy looking up last-minute gifts for your loved ones, and they take advantage of your increased online activity to compromise devices and online accounts to steal personal and financial data.

Seasoned cybercriminals have come up with new and creative ways to trick internet users into providing their personal data and money throughout the year. While you might think you’re up for the challenge and have honed your cybersecurity skills to fend off attacks, just one second of distraction can bring an end to all your Christmas cheer.

Installing a comprehensive and easy-to-use security solution can help you breathe easy and concentrate on what matters most – the well-being of you and your family.

Here’s what to look for when upgrading or installing a security solution on your internet-enabled devices:

Complete anti-malware and ransomware protection

A security solution providing multi-layered protection to keep your devices and data safe from new and existing cyber threats is vital in this year’s cybersecurity landscape. Whether you’re accessing a spoofed website created for fraud or downloading a malware-infected app on your device, local security software will immediately block the threat and protect your devices from becoming compromised.

Attacks ranging from banker Trojans aiming to steal financial info to ransomware infections that encrypt user devices until you pay a ransom have increased considerably since the beginning of the health crisis. These attacks are expected to proliferate well beyond Christmas and New Year’s, with the continuation of remote-work in many industries.

Secure your online presence and shopping using a VPN

Adding a VPN to your cybersecurity toolbox will further expand your online safety, as the software automatically encrypts network traffic every time you go online, whether to watch your favorite movie, shop or bank. Fraudsters won’t be able to spy on your conversations, steal your login credentials, or direct you to malicious websites that mimic your favorite retailers.

Moreover, if you plan to spend the holidays on vacation, the feature can protect your devices from unsecured Wi-Fi networks, allowing you to browse safely.

Online fraud protection while shopping

Fraudsters make the most of the season of giving by bombarding inboxes and social media with fake ads and scams to steal credit card information and account passwords. A security solution with advanced anti-phishing protection can keep you out of danger by sniffing out websites that masquerade as trustworthy ones. You can do your online banking and shopping safely without spending time researching the vendor’s validity or offer.

Home scanner to fend off intruders on your network

Smart devices in your home are not excluded from a cybercriminal’s target lists. Regularly scanning your home network for vulnerable or unwanted connected devices and security flaws can protect against network hijacking and attacks. You will be alerted in real-time and given security recommendations whenever a new device connects to your home network.

Letting your guard down this festive season can prove devastating, especially now when you’re focused on making plans to get together with family and friends. Don’t let your first digital Christmas get stolen! See how we can help you stay safe during the holiday season and beyond.

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