‘Eris Loris’ Hacker Spammed Millions of ‘Among Us’ Games with Pro-Trump Messages, YouTube Channel Ads

Over the past three days, popular indie game Among Us has undergone a series of spam attacks affecting millions of online games.

The attack, dubbed “Eris Loris,” impacted public North American lobbies with spam messages that appear in the game’s chat log. Most messages urge users to subscribe to the YouTube and Discord channels of a person called Eris Loris, and vote for Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential elections.

However, hybrid messages have also spawned, in which Loris threatens to “hack your device” or “blow up your phone” if you don’t subscribe to his online channels.

InnerSloth, the developers of the online social murder-mystery game, have acknowledged the attack on their official Twitter page:

“Hello everyone, We’re are super duper aware of the current hacking issue and we’re looking into it. We will be pushing out an emergency server update so people who are in game will get kicked from games. Please play private games or with people that you trust!!!Bare with us!!” InnerSloth said in a tweet posted on October 23.

The developers have advised players to join only private games or play with people they know and trust. It’s also imperative not to subscribe to the infamous YouTube channel or participate in the comment section of the videos posted by Eris Loris. If you join a public lobby, ban Eris Loris or anyone who sends the trademark message.

According to Kotaku, an online gaming reviews website, Loris acknowledged the hack, saying he was curious to see peoples’ reactions.

“I was curious to see what would happen, and personally I found it funny,” Loris said. “The anger and hatred is the part that makes it funny. If you care about a game and are willing to go and spam dislike some random dude on the internet because you cant play it for 3 minutes, it’s stupid.”

Forest Willard, one of the games’ programmers, tweeted yesterday that an anti-hack fix is being rolled out.

“Alright, wave 2 of anti-hacks are going out: Wave 1 did fix impersonation, this is why the prominent hack now is just chat spam and mass despawn (black room) Wave 2 should fix both of these. We’ll see where we need to go from there,” Willard said.

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