Hacker Claims to Have Guessed Donald Trump’s Twitter Password

A Dutch ethical hacker claims to have gained access to Donald Trump’s official Twitter account by guessing the password, making this the second successful attempt in four years.

The official Twitter account of Donald Trump may have fallen prey to a successful login attempt by the Dutch ethical hacker Victor Gevers. It turns out that hackers are always checking to see who’s not taking security seriously.

“I always run random checks,” says Gevers.  “Whenever someone is in the news, I monitor. I ran a check on the Biden, Pence and Harris accounts. Anyone receiving media attention is a potential target and deserves protection. Regardless of who they are.”

When the hacker checked the President’s account, he noticed that two-factor authentication was disabled, which is odd since verified accounts usually have this feature by default. He then tried several passwords, according to the website VN, which broke the story.







The last password on the list worked. After gaining access, the hacker says he stopped there and notified US authorities, who didn’t respond. Gevers suggested at one point that he might have been the one to post the famous Babylon Bee tweet under the president’s name, which was a link to a satire website.

The hacker says he finally received an answer on October 20. This would be the end of it, but Twitter denies that anyone but the president had access to the account. In any case, Gevers maintains that the password has changed and 2FA was reinstated.

In 2016, three Dutch hackers managed to guess the password of the same account. All that prevented them from entering was Twitter’s algorithm, which saw that the connection was from Europe. A proxy server later, the hackers managed to gain access by using the “yourefired” password.

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