Unc0ver Hackers Find New Zero Day Bug to Jailbreak iOS 13.5

The infamous unc0ver hacker group has released the latest jailbreak for Apple’s notoriously hard-to-crack iOS operating system. The hack allows iPhone and iPad users on the latest iOS version to install a mod that eliminates some restrictions associated with Apple hardware and software, including installing unapproved apps.

Unc0ver lead developer Pwn20wnd says “every other jailbreak released since iOS 9 used 1day exploits that were either patched in the next beta version or the hardware.”

Not this one, though. According to the hacker, this jailbreak leverages a zero-day kernel bug in iOS versions 11 through 13.5. Supported hardware includes everything from iPhone 6S to the new iPhone 11 Pro Max models.

“unc0ver is a jailbreak, which means that you can have the freedom to do whatever you would like to do to your iOS device,” reads the promo on unc0ver.dev. “Allowing you to change what you want and operate within your purview, unc0ver unlocks the true power of your iDevice.”

Jailbreaking typically opens the device to security threats, including malware.

This jailbreak, Pwn20nd claims, is safer as it “just adds exceptions to the existing rules,” the hacker told WIRED.”It only enables reading new jailbreak files and parts of the file system that contain no user data.”

The team emphasizes the security aspect of the jailbreak, saying unc0ver preserves security layers designed to protect the user’s personal information and device by simply “adjusting them as necessary instead of removing them.”

“With this security adjusted on your iOS device, you can run your favorite jailbreak apps and tweaks while still being protected from attackers,” the hacking group claims.

Regardless of how safe the creators claim this hack is, we strongly advise against jailbreaking. Software distributed through non-official channels – not vetted by Apple or any official authority for that matter – can bring serious security risks. Stay safe out there!

Apple will likely take a while to find and patch unc0ver’s new zero-day bug, but the fix will nonetheless arrive in a future iOS release.

A partial build of iOS 14 was recently leaked in the wild. While some speculate this leak might have something to do with Pwn20wnd finding his kernel bug, the hacker says that’s not the case.

“Not at all, I don’t operate with leaked iOS builds,” he said.

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