Compromised Disney+ Accounts Already Selling on Dark Markets

Immediately after launch, compromised Disney+ accounts
started to show up on various online forums, sometimes for free, affecting
thousands of legitimate users.

While the launch of the Disney+ streaming service was a success, it didn’t come without problems. According to a ZDNet report, shortly after the service was launched, thousands of accounts were compromised, although it would be a little bit too much to say they were hacked.

The streaming service itself was not compromised but,
like in many similar situations, people who chose a weak password were the weak
link. Such “hackers” get existing leaked credentials that are already available
online by the billions, and try them out. Many people used the same login
credentials for Disney+ as they did for many other services, which were
previously hacked.

Since there is a thriving market for leaked details of streaming
service accounts, it’s no surprise that they are already available for sale.
Some reported prices exceed the monthly subscription for Disney+, but that’s to
be expected since the service is only available in a select number of places.
The individuals selling the stolen accounts have even set up ads in the short
time since the November 12 launch.

Besides the use of common or leaked passwords, another
issue is the lax security for Disney+. Users reported losing accounts and
getting their passwords changed, which would be much more difficult to achieve
with multi-factor authentication, a feature missing on Disney+ for now.

If you don’t want to lose your Disney+ account, use a
stronger password, with capital letters, symbols, and numbers, generated
specifically for this service. In fact, creating strong and unique passwords
for all online services should be standard practice, allowing users to avoid
many headaches.

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